These Fox Business Hosts Can’t Fathom Why London is Protesting Trump: Isn’t the Dow Up This Week?

Maria Bartiromo and her Morning With Maria colleagues spoke with utter astonishment, Friday, over footage of the protests in London against President Donald Trump.

“Look at these crowds,” Bartiromo said Friday. “You’ve got the mayor of London [Sadiq Khan] allowing that blimp [depicting Trump as a baby] to fly.”

“How offensive is it that the mayor is allowing this balloon to fly?” Co-host Dagen McDowell said.

“If Obama was visiting, and there was a blimp, do you think the mayor would allow that?” Guest contributor Gary B. Smith asked, rhetorically.

“Oh my God,” Bartiromo said. “Never.”

Bartiromo and her colleagues argued that Trump’s economic policies are so strong that they are beyond reproach.

“These are socialists out there, and a lot of people on the welfare state protesting,” mused guest contributor Kevin Kelly.

“I think increasingly what you’re seeing, even on the left, is people are looking at the outcomes of some of these policies, and it’s very hard to argue,” Bartiromo added.

Yes, the Mornings With Maria crew just couldn’t conjure up any reasons why anyone — for the life of them — would dare protest President Donald Trump.

After all, as Dagen McDowell pointed out…

“The markets are up this week.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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