Twitter Lets You Share Whether You Think GOP Debaters #Dodge Or #Answer Their Questions

This is pretty neat: Tonight, Twitter is introducing a feature allowing viewers to share whether they think the candidates participating in tonight’s Fox News GOP debate in Iowa are answering the questions being posed to them or dodging them altogether.

Here’s how it works:

* When a candidate answers a question, tweet that person’s name with #answer (if you think they answered the question) or #dodge (if you think they, well, dodged the question). Example: “gingrich nailed that #answer” or “gingrich is avoiding the issue #dodge”.

* Watch the live results over at

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This seems like a fairly clever way of letting us interact with the debate rather than simply alternately cheering and booing at the television, with an occasional “oh SNAP!” tossed in for good measure.

Will you be Tweeting while watching? Do keep your answers PG.

h/t Twitter Blog

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