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Watch Live Stream Of Police At James Holmes’ Aurora Apartment

Police are currently attempting to enter James Holmes‘ apartment in Aurora, Colorado, which has been rigged with multiple booby traps. According to the Detroit Free Press, firefighters are monitoring the building for gases to “determine what chemicals 24-year-old James Holmes might have used to trap the place — in case the materials go off.”

The authorities laid out a plan for how to enter the apartment and get around the traps.

“The most immediate threat is the trip wire,” Sergeant Carlson said. If the experts can do that safely without detonations they will. If some devices need to be blown up, she said, they would do all they could to contain the damage.

“There are still unknowns,” she said. “We are not exactly sure of everything that is in there.”

Once the trip wires are rendered harmless, the plan is to remove the ammunition in the apartment, load it in sand filled trucks and then detonate it in a remote location.

Then, she said, the authorities hope they can investigate the apartment as they would any other crime scene.

Since there may be several controlled explosions throughout the day, she said the police would be alerting local residents to keep them informed.

One local resident told the L.A. Times that the police has the whole block taped off and that “they’re going from building to building inspecting.”

Watch CBS’ live stream here:

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