Who Won The 2012 Election?

Who won the election 2012? All networks are now projecting a win for President Barack Obama.

12:56 am: Romney concedes.

12:53 am: CNN’s John King said he heard through a reliable Republican source that Obama and Romney had a phone exchange and that the conservative candidate conceded to the Democrat.

12:41 am: CNN projects Obama won Virginia.

12:11 am: Fox is reporting Obama won Colorado.

11:20 pm: MSNBC is reporting Obama won the election.

10:55 pm: AP is reporting Romney wins North Carolina.

10:34 pm: NBC projects Arizona for Romney.

10:22 pm: CBS projects Nevada will “likely” go to Obama.

10:09 pm: CBS projects Missouri for Romney.

10:00 pm: CNN is projecting Romney will get Utah.

9:37 pm: CBS is projecting a New Hampshire win for Obama.

9:26 pm: Fox News is reporting Obama won Wisconsin.

9:15 pm: MSNBC is reporting that Obama won Pennsylvania.

9:10 pm: CNN is reporting that Romney is ahead of Obama with 152 electoral votes to the president’s 123. Both candidates are tied at 50 percent for Florida with Romney ahead by 1,288 votes. 270 votes are necessary to win.

9:09 pm: Fox News is reporting that Obama has Romney’s home state of Michigan.

8:48 pm: With sixteen state votes in, CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney is ahead of Barack Obama at 51.8 percent with the president at 47.1 percent. Obama has 64 electoral votes and Romney has 82 electoral votes. 270 votes are necessary to win.

Keep checking in as we update the numbers here.

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