YouTubers in Uproar After Site Pulls Ad Revenue From ‘Controversial’ Videos

YouTubeYouTube on Wednesday began pulling ad revenue from videos that were not “advertiser-friendly,” sparking outrage from professional YouTubers who began to see their main source of income cut off for covering “controversial topics.”

Among the most prominent targets was The Young Turks, the progressive online talk show. Director of content distribution Aaron Wysocki reported on Twitter that hundreds of their videos were being stripped of revenue.

Phil DeFranco, a popular YouTube comedian with 4.5 million subscribers, reported that his video mocking a “social justice warrior” had its revenue pulled, along with at least a dozen others.

In one particularly silly example, a YouTuber had his revenue pulled for speaking candidly about his struggles with depression.

And that wasn’t even the weirdest example.

It now appears to be the official stance of YouTube that it’s controversial to praise Sonic Adventure 2. Glad they cleared that up.

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