Amazon’s Alexa Has Begun Laughing Maniacally For No Reason — Here Are Some Terrifying Examples


Amazon’s widely used artificial intelligence, Alexa, has begun exhibiting some odd behavior which has been rightfully freaking out owners of some of the gadgets it is installed in, such as Echo and Echo Dot.

In short, Alexa has begun to laugh maniacally unprompted and Amazon has no idea why, though they did tell Buzzfeed News they are “working on it.”

The horrifying and sporadic mirth began sometime in February, with the occurrence only gaining larger attention this week.

While the company that made Jeff Bezos the world’s richest person is “working on it,” we decided to do some sleuthing and find some of the most terrifying harbingers of the forthcoming robot apocalypse, collecting some example videos.

Enjoy freedom while it lasts, ladies and gents, for we will soon be under the iron boot of our AI overlords.

Most Alexa users, when asking the artificial intelligence to laugh, are greeted with a mild “tee-hee” instead of the cackling shown above.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel tackled the subject in a segment last night.

In the meantime, as we wait for apocalypse, Apple’s Siri doesn’t randomly laugh in the dark like a digital demon spawn, but she doesn’t do a whole lot else either. I guess she’s a capable enough alarm clock. Our AI overlords will probably make her a janitor at the zoo where the few remaining humans are kept as a curiosity.

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