BBC Guest Goes Viral After Viewers Spot a Sex Toy Behind Her During Interview


In the age of the coronavirus, news shows have evolved to meet the challenges of the pandemic. Loads of interviews have been held remotely with people at their homes, prompting a litany of interruptions, bloopers, and other kinds of hilariously-awkward moments over the past year.

Yvette Amos became the latest subject of this phenomenon, for viewers in the United Kingdom are having a laugh after she accidentally showed people a sex toy during an appearance on television.

Amos appeared on BBC Wales Today to talk about Covid’s impact on employment. Unfortunately, her input might not have gone through as well as she hoped, for people were quite distracted by the backdrop and the pink dildo she apparently had at the top of her bookshelf.

Needless to say, viewers took notice, and now the Internet is collectively giggling over the hilarious accident:

Watch above to see Daily Mail’s clip from the BBC segment, which has been edited to flag the dildo.

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