F-35 Fighter Jets Draw Giant Penis in the Sky

U.S. military officials contend that fighter jet pilots flying over a residential Arizona neighborhood did not intend to draw a penis with the jets’ contrails.

FOX 10 in Phoenix received the photos from a viewer, which were taken over a residential neighborhood and showing a contrail that vaguely resembles a crudely drawn penis.

Officials with Luke Air Force Base said the 56th Fighter Wing’s senior leadership have reviewed training tapes from the flight, and confirmed that F-35 fighter jets were conducting standard fighter training maneuvers Tuesday afternoon.

Base officials said there was no nefarious or inappropriate behavior during the training flight.

The event resembles a similar event in Washington state which the Navy later acknowledged involved one of their aircraft.

The Navy Times reported it was unknown what discipline, if any, those involved faced. Military officials declined to provide such records, citing privacy regulations.

[Image via Fox 10]

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