Get Your Antiestablishment Groove On With These Bernie Sanders Punk Rock T-Shirts

berntshirtMillennials love Bernie Sanders because he’s passionate, authentic, and he wants to “bern” it all down. And nothing communicates authentic, revolutionary rage to the under-30 set like a punk rock t-shirt.

Luckily, hipster Sandersnistas can now purchase the Bernie/punk rock mashup they never knew they needed. The project, entitled “Bern the White House,” is the work of Mark Mendez and Rob Campbell, two Los Angeles-based artists who have adapted the 74-year-old senator’s image to match the iconic logos of bands like the Ramones, Circle Jerks, and Suicidal Tendencies, among others.

Speaking with Visual News, the pair explained that the name of the project was designed to represent “more of a punk rock, antiestablishment, anti-1% mentality.”

Bern the White House, they said, “represents burning down the status quo of corporate greed and political corruption to let Bernie make the changes we feel are necessary to bring us, the middle- and working-class people of this country, back into prosperity.”

“Due to FEC regulations,” they caution, “we can’t actually donate our proceeds directly to the Bernie Sanders Campaign. But we’re open to ideas as to what charities or grassroots operations you’d like to see the money go to.”

Rock on.

[h/t Dangerous Minds]

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