comScore Doug Collins Calls Judiciary Committee an 'Instagram Filter'

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? House Judiciary Republican Calls His Committee a ‘Giant Instagram Filter’

House Judiciary Ranking Republican Doug Collins came up with an … interesting analogy while railing against the committee for debating whether to launch an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

The committee convened on Thursday to determine the procedural guidelines to facilitate ongoing impeachment investigations. When Collins delivered his opening statement, he rejected the premise of the hearing by launching into a story about his wife showing him Instagram filters.

Eventually, he made this determined proclamation:

“What’s happened today is great. The Judiciary Committee has become a giant Instagram filter to make you appear that something’s happening that’s not.”

Collins went on to call the committee’s actions “a world apart” from a real impeachment proceeding. He repeatedly brought back the filter analogy by arguing that the hearing had much more to do with show than actual substance.

“The filter may make you think something is happening, but really, what we have is a walk down the yellow brick road,” Collins said. “This is not anything special.”

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