It Sure Looks Like Roger Goodell Wiped a Booger on the Back of a One-Legged Girl


If there is one thing we can absolutely count on at the NFL Draft year after year, it is that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will get viciously booed when he’s introduced. Fans just do not like him.

Well, based on his actions last night, it would appear that the hostility towards Goodell could be quite justified.

During day two of this year’s draft, high school senior Kate Foster was brought up to announce the Chicago Bears second-round pick. The 18-year-old lost her leg to leukemia when she was twelve. Despite this, she still competes in gymnastics and generally has a very optimistic view on life.

After announcing the Bears had chosen tight end Adam Shaheen, Foster walked away from the podium with Goodell trailing her. And it sure as heck looked like he wiped his nose and left the evidence on Foster’s back.

So, for the record, NFL fans. Roger Goodell apparently likes to wipe boogers and/or snot on the backs of one-legged teenage girls.

Watch the clip of Foster announcing the pick and getting sullied by Goodell above, via NFL Network.

UPDATE 12:15 PM ET: The headline of this piece has been changed to better reflect the fact that Foster is an amputee.

[image via screengrab]

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