WATCH: Japanese Rocket Meets Fiery, Explosive End Shortly After Takeoff


A Japanese rocket met a fiery end shortly after takeoff on Saturday.

Interstellar Technologies’ MOMO-2 unmanned rocket was set to be the first privately funded Japanese rocket to reach space. Instead, it barely made it off the launch pad.

A Facebook photo shows the charred rocket and according to Gizmodo, the company wrote that there was no significant damage to the launch facilities.

Interstellar Technologies’ Takafumi Horie told reporters after the explosive end to the launch, according to The Asahi Shimbun, “We have never seen a failure like this.”

The internet entrepreneur added: “We are thinking about what we can do to maintain some tie to the next step even as the future remains barely visible.”

The Momo-1 launch also failed after its engine shut off after only one minute. It splashed down in the ocean. The Momo-2 was first supposed to be launched in April but the launch was moved back until June.

It is not entirely clear if there will be a Momo-3.

[image via screengrab]

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