Marianne Williamson’s Zaniest Tweets Make the Rounds After Debate, And Boy, Are There Some Whoppers

The first round of primary debates for Democratic 2020 presidential race came to an end last night, and one candidate stood out for all the wrong reasons.

Since the 2020 field is as crowded as it is, it only makes sense that the news coverage would focus primarily on major policy differences or explosive moments like Kamala Harris VS Joe Biden or Julian Castro VS Beto O’Rourke. Still, the debates gave 20 candidates a chance to present themselves before the country, and for several in the field, that meant an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition without regard to poll numbers.

In a certain sense, it’s possible Marianne Williamson was by far the most successful at making a splash.

For some people, Williamson might be a total unknown due to a combination of being overshadowed by more well-known candidates and that fact that her poll numbers are…less than spectacular. Since she was on stage last night with several of her party’s frontrunners, it’s very likely Williamson — an author and self-help guru — introduced herself to new audiences with her unconventional comments about chemicals causing “chronic diseases,” her bizarre pledge to scold New Zealand, and her promise to defeat Donald Trump with the power of love.

In any event, Williamson’s performance prompted a lot of people to dig through her history on Twitter, and man oh man, they’re finding out its quite an adventure. Posting all of her tweets here from over the years might be a bit much, but let’s take a little stroll through Spiritualist Wonderland and have a look, shall we?

Watch above, via NBC.

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