Sarah Sanders Gives Press Briefing to Children After More Than 40 Days With No Formal Briefing


White House press briefings became something of a rarity in the Trump Administration over the last few months, but on Thursday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders returned to her podium and held an event in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room.

The twist: the briefing was mostly off-record and Sanders only took questions from kids.

The White House is celebrating Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day today, so Sanders invited the children of staffers and journalists to join her for questions in the briefing room. The White House press secretary was also joined by Vice President Mike Pence for at least a portion of the gathering.

One of the first things that White House press reporters and political observers noted about this is that this was the first “briefing” Sanders has held in about a month and a half.

As for the briefing itself, some of the questions and answers have been picked up, plus Sanders allowed the grown-ups to report at least two pieces of legitimate news about the president.

Sanders’ credibility has been under fire lately, ever since Robert Mueller‘s report revealed that she made up a fabrication when she told the media that the FBI was delighted when President Donald Trump fired James Comey.

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