Scientists Revive Cells in Dead Pigs’ Brains and Everyone Has Questions


Let’s take a brief break from the insanity of the news cycle for some remarkable news from the world of science.

Multiple reports this afternoon have revealed that scientists were able to restore some functions in the brains of dead pigs. Seriously:

The brains did not regain anything resembling consciousness: There were no signs indicating coordinated electrical signaling, necessary for higher functions like awareness and intelligence.

But in an experimental treatment, blood vessels in the pigs’ brains began functioning, flowing with a blood substitute, and certain brain cells regained metabolic activity, even responding to drugs. When the researchers tested slices of treated brain tissue, they discovered electrical activity in some neurons.

It’s the kind of research that certainly makes you think about the implications––both good and bad––and everyone has questions.

[image via Yale School of Medicine]

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