comScore Jesse Watters Says During Weird Phase: 'I Wanted to Be Black'

Watch Jesse Watters’ Co-Hosts React When He Reflects on a ‘Weird Phase’ in His Youth: ‘I Wanted to Be Black’

During a discussion on Fox News’ The Five about “weird phases” while growing up, host Jesse Watters blurted out “I thought I was black for, like, a year, year-and-a-half.”

The topic, prompted by a viewer fan’s post on Instagram, prompted Fox Business host Kennedy to say she used to put Vaseline on her face in fifth grade before going to the roller rink. But that strange admission was quickly swamped by Watters’ surreal confession.

“I thought I was black for, like, a year, year-and-a-half,” Watters said.

“Wait, just stop there!” fellow Five co-host Greg Gutfeld cried out.

“No, I wanted to be black, I did, I really, I had all the gear,” Watters added, without going into detail what “gear” he thought was necessary to be black.

“I don’t wanna know!” Gutfeld shot back, laughing.

Then, Kennedy, turning to Juan Williams, asked: “Do you want me to call human resources?”

“No, it’s cool,” Williams replied, “because actually he did a test. Tell ’em about the test.”

“Yeah, our DNA tests, I’m 0.1% black,” Watters revealed.

That ancestry didn’t seem to help Watters back in March, however, when he wrongly attributed a damning interview of R. Kelly to ABC’s Robin Roberts, instead of CBS Early Show host Gayle King, prompting King to fire back: “all black people don’t look alike.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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