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Watch Lizzo Lead a Group Meditation on Instagram Live To Turn Coronavirus Fears ‘Into Love’

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Amid the spread of the coronavirus, Grammy-winning artist Lizzo decided to lead a “mass meditation” live on Instagram on Friday — in order to “promote healing during the global crisis.”

The singer surrounded herself with crystals and incense as she played the flute and urged viewers to recognize “you have power to eliminate fear.”

“I wanted to take the time today to do a mass meditation. Thirty minutes of your time… We’re going to come together and take deep breaths and we’re going to join in agreement, and we’re going to try to eliminate the fear as much as we can, as we work together during this trying time — during this global pandemic,” Lizzo explained.

“We need leadership; we need a cure; we need proper testing packets … There’s a lot we need to do on that end, so we’re also going to take time to meditate toward that as well. That our leaders take more action in protecting us,” she added.

“I want us all to meditate on people being clean, taking all the precautions. We need to really listen to each other. We need to really feel each other out. We need to really be there to help each other. We can’t be afraid of each other, so that means we have to be doing the right things to be safe: face masks, washing hands… so we’re going to take all of this fear and transmute it into love,” the Truth Hurts singer preached as she applied hand sanitizer.

As she officially began the meditation, Lizzo said, “We’re gonna think of the entire Earth as a body, as a vessel, and we’re just going to imagine the whole Earth.”

“Whether it’s a bed of flowers, whether it’s the ocean, whether it’s you, I want you to imagine love rising. And as love is rising, the vibration is rising. And as the vibration is rising, the more in tune we’re all becoming,” she later added.

Lizzo posted the full video on her Instagram, with the caption “Because I love you,” referencing her third studio album Cuz I Love You:


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A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis. Use at your own pace. Love you!

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