Watch This Amazing Woman Use a Flood in Saudi Arabia to Surf Like a Boss


Parts of Saudi Arabia have been slammed by torrential downpours this week, leading to extreme flooding in Jeddah, among other regions.

Authorities have been forced to close schools, universities and some government institutions and, according to meteorology experts, this could only be the beginning.

“Rain will continue in Jeddah while heavy rain is expected in Makkah and Taif,” the Saudi General Authority of Meteorology & Environmental Protection said.

Not everything, however, is doom and gloom in the country. Just check out this awesome surfing lady!

The video, shown above, was shared on Twitter this morning by The National reporter Joyce Karam, with the journalist noting that it depicted a “woman making the best out of today’s floods.”

It shows a Jeddeh woman, dressed in the traditional abaya, being tugged along by a vehicle while riding a surfboard.

If you watch the video with sound, which you totally should, you’ll even hear the dulcet tones of rock band AC/DC accompanying the unidentified woman through her street-bound surf session. Rock on, sister! Also, RIP to AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young. He would likely have been extremely pumped by this video.

Flooding is expected to continue in certain regions of Saudi Arabia throughout the next couple of days, as the storm system plaguing the area finally abates.

As you can see, it is pretty bad over there and not everyone has access to surf boards. Let’s keep the country in our thoughts.

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