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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Mistakenly Revealed Criminal Charges Against Julian Assange

Former CIA Director Hayden: Only ‘Legitimate Excuse’ For Trump Skipping Veterans Cemetery is ‘That He Was Dying’

Laura Ingraham Jokes About Avenatti’s Domestic Violence Arrest: ‘He’s a Heck of a Right Hook’

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Grills Rick Scott Adviser on New Voter Fraud Claims: Your Candidate Has ‘Embarrassed Himself’

Media Reporter Gets Ratio’d Into Another Dimension For Bad Tweet About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (UPDATES)

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Sides With Dem Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Amazon is ‘Fleecing’ New York

Morning Joe Roasts Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims With Simpsons Clip: ‘I Thought it Was The Onion

Facebook Reportedly Hired Republican Oppo Research Firm to Discredit Protestors By Linking Them to Soros

Trump Warns Antifa: The Opposition Can Be ‘Much More Violent’

Fox Nation Targets New York’s Closeted Conservatives With Billboard Campaign: ‘Feeling Left Out?’

Al Jazeera Host Pummels Trump Adviser With Examples of His Lies: ‘The President Lies Daily’

Fox & Friends Features MAGA LEGO Knockoff Where You Can Build Wall to Keep Out Sombrero-Clad Mexicans

Seth Meyers to CNN: If You Really Want to Go After Trump ‘Stop Inviting Liars on Your Network’

Jesse Watters on Models Trump is Accused of Sexually Harassing: ‘He Gave Those Women a Lot of Opportunities!’

Chris Cuomo Questions Brenda Snipes on Broward County Recount: ‘Are You Really Thinking About Resigning?’

Jesse Watters Concedes He Would Have Been Apoplectic if Obama Skipped Arlington on Veterans Day

Top National Security Adviser Reportedly Fired After Spat With Melania Trump

Poll: Lester Holt Most Trusted News Anchor in America, Tucker Carlson Most Loved By Republicans

Napolitano Says Whitaker’s Appointment is ‘Unlawful’: DOJ is ‘Almost at the Point of the Saturday Night Massacre’

Trump Ramps Up Attacks on Macron, Hits ‘Very Low Approval Rating’: ‘MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN!’

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