Laura Benanti’s ‘Melania Trump’ Returns to The Late Show to Talk Body Double Conspiracy

Laura Benanti returned to the Late Show on Friday to reprise her role as Melania Trump and talk about the body double conspiracy.

The theory  — which posits Melania is a fake — gained so much steam, even President Donald Trump felt the need to reply earlier this week.

Host Stephen Colbert started off by explaining that the whole thing “is nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory.”

Then, after saying The Late Show had a “source,” that could put an end to the rumors, Benanti as Melania appeared.

“It makes no sense. How can there be two Melania Trumps? Think about it! Doesn’t it seem crazy that there is even one?” Benanti as Melania insisted.

She added that if she was going to use a double, it would be in private “when a Donald knocks on my bedroom door.”

The Late Show Melania then said this about Trump’s brief briefings: “When he knocks on my door and he asks for a presidential briefing. It’s over in two minutes and he spends the whole time confused.”

Next, when asked if Trump considered a body double, she offered this reason why it didn’t work out: “We couldn’t train manatee to walk on two legs.”

In a surprise move, after Benanti’s Melania left in a huff, a new Melania — a special appearance by  Christine Baranski — appeared.

Baranski’s Melania did not last long though.

“I am married to Donald Trump and we are in …. oh I can’t do this,” she said, walking off.

Comedian Brian Stack finally made an appearance as Melania number 3 as the sketch came to an end.

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