‘Absolutely Depraved Moral Logic’: Keith Olbermann Dragged for Suggesting Texans Don’t Deserve Vaccine


Keith Olbermann

Former sports-news-sports-news-sports-news commentator Keith Olbermann once again reaped the online whirlwind for his latest hot take, this one involving his definitely-not-an-epidemiologist’s suggestion of who deserves to be vaccinated against a global pandemic.

Olbermann latest bromide landed on Twitter in a response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement that he was ending all mask mandates in the state and that all other Covid-derived restrictions would expire next week. With Texas still suffering from elevated cases and deaths from the pandemic, Abbott’s decision sparked immediate backlash from public health experts.

But for Olbermann, it seems, those critiques didn’t go far enough. Instead, he suggested it could be wasteful to continue to inoculate the state’s residents because “Texas has decided to join the side of the virus.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, consigning tens of millions of Americans to possible sickness, hospitalization, and perhaps even death — based solely on the decision of its Republican governor — prompted furious blowback.

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