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Good News: 104-Year-Old WWII Vet Celebrates His Birthday After Recovering From Coronavirus

With the deluge of headlines blaring the latest crisis sparked by the spread of the coronavirus, Mediaite has decided to dedicate at least one story per day to good news coming in from around the world.

World War II veteran William Lapschies celebrated his 104th birthday on Wednesday after officially recovering from the coronavirus.

Lapschies was one of the first two residents to test positive at the Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home, according to the local Oregon station KOIN.

The veteran had been isolated in his room since March 5th while staff at the home took care of him, but as of this week, he has met the CDC guidelines to be considered recovered.

Lapschies’s family was able to celebrate his birthday with him while socially distancing outside of the facility, as visitors are not allowed inside to protect the residents amid the coronavirus outbreak.

When he was asked how it feels to be 104, Lapschies said, “Pretty good. I made it. Good for a few more.”

“It seemed like he just made this wonderful recovery,” Lapschies’s daughter Carolee Brown said. “We were like shocked that he was kind of sitting in his wheelchair waving at us through the window and we were like, ‘He’s gonna make it!’”

“We hope that this will inspire some of the other people that are going through this,” Brown added. “And we’re really excited and looking forward to 105.”

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