VIDEO: Cops Applaud Out of State Doctors and Nurses After Final Shift Battling Coronavirus in NYC


Healthcare workers from all over the United States have been in New York City for the last three weeks to help fight the massive Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak in the city.

Dozens of such professionals have been staying at the Manhattan’s Park Central Hotel. On Wednesday, as the front-line workers filed out of the hotel following their last of many hundreds of hours of shifts serving the city, they were greeted by a moving display.

NYPD officers out front formed a tunnel and greeted the departing doctors, nurses, respiratory technicians and more with a hero’s send-off, applauding for and thanking them as civilians nearby, from windows and balconies, joined in.

“Somebody reached out to me and asked if they could get a send-off, and I said we certainly could and I thought it was the right thing to do,” said Police Commissioner Dermot Shea in an interview.

It was quite a sight, and reminder that Americans are always ready to help their fellow citizens.

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