Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Says Publishing Unverified Trump Dossier ‘Not an Easy or Simple Call’

buzzfeed-gets-a-radio-showheres-todays-ad-brief-e1455886570758-650x427-1After his publication released a dossier that is reportedly the basis of the two-page synopsis that CNN is reporting the intelligence chiefs presented to President-elect Donald Trump, Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith tweeted out an explanatory letter he sent to his staff.

Earlier today, CNN’s report stated that Trump was given information that said there were claims that he was compromised by Russia. That info wasn’t part of the intelligence report that was delivered by the intelligence community in relation to Russian hacking but instead was a separate document.

In publishing the dossier, Buzzfeed noted that there were a number of unverified allegations in the document, along with some clear errors.

Following the CNN and Buzzfeed reports, Trump and his special counsel Michael Cohen took to Twitter to call the releases “fake news” and a “political with hunt.”

[image via Buzzfeed]

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