Gohmert to Hannity: We ‘Had Enough Votes’ to Unseat Speaker Boehner

Earlier today, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) fell far short of his goal to become the next Speaker of the House, garnering just three votes (including one from himself), compared to 216 for John Boehner. This afternoon, Gohmert joined his biggest media supporter, Sean Hannity, by phone on the radio to breakdown what went wrong.

“Close but not close enough,” Hannity said during his introduction of Gohmert, overstating the situation a bit.

“Well, we had enough votes,” Gohmert said of his plan to steal the House Speaker role away from Boehner, indicating that literally hundreds of Congress members changed their votes at the last minute. “This was not about me,” he added, giving credit to Florida Republicans Daniel Webster and Ted Yoho, who each got a handful of votes as well.

“Some of Boehner’s people were really scared they didn’t have the votes,” Gohmert said of the current speaker, who won by a margin of more than 200 over the nearest Republican. “So, it shook people.”

For his part, Hannity said he knew the idea of taking away the speakership from Boehner was a long shot all along. “It was always an uphill battle,” he said. “I was never optimistic that it could be pulled off. I knew it would be very close, and it was.”

Listen to the full interview below, via The Sean Hannity Show:

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