Plane Crashes During Emergency Landing in Taiwan, 51 Reported Dead

It’s been a miserable week for air travel. At least 51 people are reported dead* and seven injured after a Taiwanese TransAsia Airways plane crashed during an emergency landing in Peghu county, off the west coast of Taiwan.

The plane was scheduled to land at Penghu’s Magong Airport, but made an emergency landing in a nearby village instead. Authorities said the plane caught fire at the end of the runway. Early reports indicate that bad weather forced the improvised landing.

Fifty-eight people were aboard, four of whom were crew members. The survivors were taken to the hospital with burns.

This comes after the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 last week, the cancellation of flights into Tel Aviv’s airport yesterday due to Hamas rocket fire, and an attack on two Ukrainian military jets this morning.

* UPDATE 11:36 a.m. EST: The Transportation Ministry later amended the death count to 47 dead, 11 injured.

[h/t South China Morning Post]

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