Racist Stripper Mom Tells Her Side, Explains That ‘N*gger’ Isn’t Racist

Janelle Ambrosia, the woman captured in a YouTube video going on a racist tirade in western New York this weekend, told WBLK host Big Rob Wednesday morning that her comments had been prompted when the man she was yelling at had almost hit her child with his car. Ambrosia swore she was not a racist, but was bipolar, and that her ex was attempting to use the video to obtain custody of her children.

“I’m not a racist, I have a black cousin,” Ambrosia said, adding that the man had called her a “Crackheaded cracker” before the video.

Big Rob asked how the word “nigger” entered the equation.

“Quite frankly, if you look it up, nigger means an ignorant person,” she replied. “It has nothing to do with race. But it’s okay for him to call me a racist or honky. That’s racist.”

“I’m really not a racist, I was just pissed off,” she said. “If he didn’t try to almost hit my kids, none of this would have happened.” She declined a chance to apologize.

There’s still a chance this is some crazy improv group, but it’s diminishing.

Listen to the exchange below, via WBLK:

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