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Readers Ask NYT About Glenn Beck, NYT Answers

Though the New York Times Magazine‘s cover story on ‘ladies’ man’ Glenn Beck has yet to reach newsstands, it has already inspired a frenzy of discussion amongst the media. However, regular citizens have their own questions as well, and the article’s author Mark Leibovich was happy to answer them in today’s TimesCast. The first query he fielded: “Why give this crackpot a forum?”

Leibovich coolly responded:

The reason is quite simply that this is someone who’s attracted a major following in recent months. He is someone who’s been consigned to a lot of caricature, and also a lot of worship, depending on where you come down. … We wanted to spend some time with him and hopefully give readers a fuller sense of the dimensions that make him and make his views.

All true. Also true? Glenn Beck is hot right now. Keith Olbermann loves reading about him, Jon Stewart is alleged to be obsessed with him, and Greta Van Susteren thinks he is “nice.” Meaning the NYT, which has been working on this story for three months, could not have better timed its publication.

But some readers still aren’t convinced. Other questions Leibovich answered in the TimesCast include: “Does Glenn Beck seriously believe what he preaches, or is he the best actor the world has ever witnessed?” and “Why is everything either black or white, communist or capitalist, all good or all bad with Glenn Beck?” How does Leibovich reply? See for yourself:

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