Trump Suggests New Border Strategy: ‘We Will Build a Human Wall if Necessary’


President Donald Trump appears to be suggesting a military solution to border security if he cannot get his much-desired funding for his wall and finds the declaration of a national emergency to be politically unviable as well.

In his first tweet of the day, Trump warned of a “tremendous number” of immigrants waiting to pour across the southern border. He used this to defend the news that the Pentagon recently sent thousands of U.S. troops down south to assist with border security.

Trump’s tweeting about his border wall makes it increasingly likely that the proposal will be a centerpiece of his State of the Union speech tonight.

The U.S. recently came off of the longest government shutdown in national history due to Trump’s feud with Congress because of their refusal to provide funding for his wall. Trump seemed to back off from the fight when he signed a continuing resolution to temporarily re-open the government, but he has repeatedly threatened to declare a national emergency in order to appropriate wall funding if no agreement can be reached when the CR expires in 10 more days.

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