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Wall Street Journal Reveals Wild Private Instagram Account of Indicted Giuliani Partner Lev Parnas

The Wall Street Journal took a deep dive into Lev Parnas’s private Instagram account, revealing some interesting details about the timeline of his relationship with Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump.

Parnas, who was recently arrested for campaign finance violations alongside Igor Fruman, kept a multitude of photos from his meetings with the Trump family, his visits to Trump properties, and his travels before the 2018 midterm elections.

Parnas first promoted his company, Fraud Guarantee, in 2015 in an Instagram photo he took with Trump’s ex-wife Ivana. Giuliani says Fraud Guarantee paid him $500,000 last year for consulting work.

Parnas posed with Trump himself for a photo shortly after that, and 3 years later, he became active on Instagram again by posting a photo with Donald Trump Jr. and Ron DeSantis. This was around the time when Parnas and Fruman allegedly started making fraudulent donations.

Another photo of interest is of a note Parnas received from the president and First Lady Melania Trump, thanking him for his support. The note wasn’t dated, but around the time it was posted online in August 2018, public data shows Parnas and Fruman gave over half a million dollars to Republican electoral groups.

From there, Parnas started posting more photos of himself with the Trumps, Giuliani, and his involvement with political events. Photos with Giuliani became especially numerous around the time where Parnas and Fruman were helping the Trump lawyer pressure Ukraine into investigating the Biden family.

Watch above, via WSJ.

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