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Last Week Tonight

John Oliver to Geraldo: ‘Fu*k You … I Hope Your Mustache Gets Caught in a Box Fan’

John Oliver Tries to Place Anti-Sexual Harassment Ad During O’Reilly Factor

‘Stupid Watergate’: John Oliver Unloads on Devin Nunes Scandals

‘I Don’t Speak Fluent Toddler Psychopath’: John Oliver Attempts to Explain Trump Budget

‘Worse Media Diet Than The Son of Sam Killer’: John Oliver Rips Trump and Sessions Controversies

John Oliver Tackles Tibet and China: ‘The Whole Territory is a Gross Human Rights Violation’

John Oliver Pressures Republicans on Efficiently Replacing Obamacare: ‘Tick-Tock, Motherfu*kers!’

John Oliver Breaks Down President Trump’s ‘Weird, Noticeably Soft Spot’ For Russia

John Oliver on Reaching Past Low-Hanging Trump Fruit For New Season: We’ve ‘Got to Work Harder’

John Oliver Crashes Game of Thrones, Other HBO Programs to Promote New Season

Oliver Reveals the Face of Modern School Segregation and Its ‘Devastating Harm to Actual Children’

John Oliver Takes on Pharma Groups ‘Who Put Us in This Fuc*king Mess’ of Painkiller Addiction

John Oliver Blasts Third-Party Candidates for ‘Vague’ Ideas That ‘Crumble Under the Slightest Scrutiny’

John Oliver Calls For Guantanamo Bay to Be Closed: ‘We Need to Shut This Sh*t Down Now!’

John Oliver Whacks Sean Hannity Over His Attachment to Non-Scientific Pro-Trump Polls

Chris Matthews Gets His Own ‘Newscasters Quoting Movies’ Segment on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver Breaks Down Every Scandal Plaguing Clinton and Trump Ahead of Tonight’s Big Debate

John Oliver Gives the Best Answer Possible When Asked If He ‘Feels Responsible’ For Trump’s Rise

No White After Labor Day? John Oliver Offers Up Other Totally Arbitrary Holiday Traditions

John Oliver Calls For Monitoring of Charter Schools: The System ‘Doesn’t Work on Any Level’

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