Amid Scandals, Fox News Ratings Rise While MSNBC’s Fall To 7-Year Low

As scandal frenzy — in the form of the IRS, Benghazi, DOJ “trifecta” — continues to engulf the White House and dominate the media, cable networks MSNBC and Fox News appear to be headed in opposite directions. While Fox News has had an especially good week in terms of ratings, it’s forward-leaning counterpart found itself at a seven-year low.

The week of May 13-17, when the IRS scandal and Justice Department’s Associated Press probe garnered widespread coverage, Fox News landed it’s second-best week of the year (after the week of the Boston Marathon bombing).

On the flip side, MSNBC’s week was the lowest-rated (total day) of the year. Or, more specifically: 350,000 average viewership, with 94,000 among the 25-54 demographic. That’s a 17 percent and 22 percent decrease, respectively, since the comparable week last year.

Fox, last week, had 1.491 million total day viewers and 283,000 in the demo. In primetime, MSNBC had 570,000 total viewers (lowest-rated week of the year thus far) and 159,000 in the demo, while Fox News had 2.396 million total viewers and 356,000 in the demo. The network had a 17 percent increase in primetime — and a 31 percent rise in total day viewership — since the same time last year.

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