Andrew McCabe: Robert Mueller ‘Delivered Exactly the Performance’ Many Expected at Hearing

Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe told CNN’s Don Lemon Wednesday night that he was not at all surprised by Robert Mueller’s performance during his Congressional testimony.

Instead, he said that how Mueller behaved was “exactly” like many expected, especially given the circumstances.

“Director Mueller delivered exactly the performance that I think I and many people expected,” he said. “He was obviously incredibly cautious. Did everything humanly possible to not go beyond the four corners of the report. Think about the challenge of testifying under these circumstances after you already provided a 400-page statement on the matters that you’ll testify to. He was clearly trying to be very careful not to veer in any way from the phrasing and the facts and the terminology in the report.”

He then suggested that, while he can see why some were disappointed, Mueller is often dry.

“I can see how some people would have been disappointed,” McCabe admitted. “Folks who were hoping he would breathe life into the report and turn it into a dramatic retelling of the presidential abuse were destined to be disappointed. Mueller is at his best a just the facts, somewhat dry presenter. And I think the limits that he placed on himself in this circumstance brought him even closer to that center.”

Watch above, via CNN

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