Carl Bernstein: Our Country is in a ‘Cold Civil War’ in Great Danger of Being Ignited by Trump


During a conversation with Chris Cuomo on CNN Friday night, legendary journalist Carl Bernstein warned that the nation is in a “cold civil war” that President Donald Trump is in great danger of igniting.

“We are in a cold civil war in this country, and Trump has brought that cold civil war and every day brings it closer and closer to ignition,” Bernstein warned. “And that is the great danger because everything he does plays to this base that is his way of staying in office, if he can stay in office and be re-elected.”

He continued on: “It’s all about that base. It’s not about uniting the American people as most previous presidents have tried to put together some kind of coalition with people in the center. Trump has made no attempt to do that.”

Bernstein further noted that Trump has been “absolutely brilliant” in tapping into the fact “working people, middle-class people in this country have been screwed over for the last 30, 35 years.”

Moments before, Cuomo had suggested that Trump supporters have low expectations of politicians.

Bernstein though, said, he did not think that was the case.

Instead, he said “vicious politics” is at work.

“What they see in Trump, many people, is someone who feeds their often — their prejudices but also who feeds their desire to see the other side wiped out. We are really seeing a kind of vicious politics,” he explained.

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