CNN’s Camerota Clashes With Sarah Sanders Over Trump Meeting: ‘You’re Saying Infrastructure is Dead?


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had an explosive head-to-head on Thursday as they spoke about President Donald Trump canceling his infrastructure meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Sanders put the blame on Pelosi by saying that he has “totally lost control of her party” and cannot “pretend like nothing has happened” since she accused the president of a cover-up just before their meeting. While Trump’s critics argue that he should be capable of working through investigations and fulfilling his presidential duties, Sanders called it “a complete lie that Democrats in Congress think they can do two things at once. So far we haven’t seen them do anything.”

As Camerota disputed Sanders over the idea that Congress can’t do anything while fighting with Trump, she noted that Trump is now saying that he won’t work with Democrats again as long as he remains under investigation.

“So just so that we’re clear,” Camerota asked, “he’s saying that bridges are not going to be fixed until he’s no longer investigated, is that what we hear from the White House?”

Sanders countered by reiterating that its “lunacy” for Pelosi to expect a meeting with Trump after her cover-up remarks. This led to another dispute with Camerota about who was responsible for the collapse of an infrastructure package that Pelosi and Schumer were hoping to submit for Trump’s approval.

When the conversation moved to Schumer’s claim that Trump intended to blow the meeting up, Sanders insisted the president “absolutely” intended the meeting to go forward, and that led to another back and forth about Trump’s policy priorities. After more clashes over Robert Mueller‘s report, Camerota got things back on track by asking if Trump is serious in saying he refuses to hold discussions amid ongoing investigations.

“You’re saying infrastructure is dead?” Camerota asked. “The president has no more interest in talking to Democrats about that?

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