CNN’s Rick Sanchez: “Up Next…Ad Lib…A Tease” (Seriously)

CNN’s Rick Sanchez channeled Ron Burgundy this afternoon.

No, he didn’t wrestle a bear. Or play the jazz flute. But he did read exactly what was on his teleprompter – to hilarious results.

Here’s how Sanchez threw to break after his daily check-in with Wolf Blitzer:

Up next…ad lib…a tease. That’s what it says right here. I’m supposed to ad lib about something that is…that I should know about, right? And this is going to surprise you…

Good try to cover that one up. Then he moved on to his actual tease about interviewing musician Keith Urban because his wife wanted him to, or something.

And yes, we checked back on TV Eyes – this is not just something Rick Sanchez-y that Rick Sanchez normally does.

Man, we love Rick Sanchez. And…you stay classy, CNN.

Watch, now:

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