Mark Levin Snarks at Cavuto for Fox News Employing Karl Rove

On Fox News’s Cavuto Thursday, conservative radio talker Mark Levin called out the network for keeping Republican strategist Karl Rove on the dole.

Levin’s comment came when show host Neil Cavuto asked for his opinion on Republican candidates across the U.S. “You look at North Carolina, you look at Arkansas, you look at a number of these states,” Levin said. “Here’s the big lie that’s going on for election cycle after election cycle, advanced by, among others, Fox favorite Karl Rove. The fact of the matter is we’ve [the GOP] lost the Senate over and over again not because of [failed Senate candidate] Todd Akin, not because of two or three or four tea party candidates. The vast majority of candidates running are your Republican establishment candidates who’ve never had to fight in a Republican primary.”

Cavuto, looking a little uncomfortable, abruptly cut off Levin. “Alright, listen I’ll arrange the next dinner party for you and Karl Rove,” he said. “In the meantime I’ve got to run upstairs and talk to my bosses.”

This wasn’t the first time Levin shared his dislike for Rove. On his own radio back in September, he complained about Rove doubting Republicans who wanted to defund “Obamacare.” “Your record sucks, Karl Rove,” he said.

Watch via Fox News:

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