Matthews Previews Obama Interview: POTUS ‘A Brilliant Writer’ Who Turns in Paper with ‘Misspellings’

On Thursday night, MSNBC host Chris Matthews will sit down with President Barack Obama for an interview which will, in part, focus on the problematic roll-out of the Affordable Care Act. Matthews said that he intends to grill the president on this failure and contended that this incident was akin to “a brilliant writer” who, despite a “great theme,” turns in an essay full of technical flaws.

“I’ll be talking about executive accountability and the strange way of this roll out, as it has occurred,” Matthews told MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell. “I think I would compare it, Andrea, to a brilliant writer, perhaps, with a great theme who turns in a paper with a lot of misspelling or bad handwriting.”

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“With all the great strengths potentially of a national health care system along these lines, the way it was rolled out has hurt it,” he continued. “It’s given the other side a lot of talking points to use against the president generally in terms of his competence.”

Matthews said he would also pivot to “political dysfunction” and the problems Obama has encountered while attempting to work with Republicans in Congress.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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