Max Boot: Trump’s Threat to Destroy Iran Culture Sites Reduces the U.S. ‘to the Level of the Taliban’


Washington Post columnist and CNN analyst Max Boot slammed President Donald Trump by saying that his threat to destroy Iranian cultural sites brings America down to the same level as Islamic insurgency movements like the Taliban.

Boot joined New Day to kick off the week and discuss Trump’s repeated threats to strike Iran if they try to seek retaliation for the fatal airstrike against their notorious military leader, Qasem Soleimani. In his reaction, Boot began by explaining that the difference between Iran and America is that America is “a rule of law country.”

“It doesn’t matter what atrocities they commit,” Boot said. “We will abide by the rule of law.”

Boot went on to raise doubts that the military will actually target cultural sites at the risk of breaking international law, “but that doesn’t seem to matter to Donald Trump. He doesn’t seem to care about international law.” This led to Boot invoking the Taliban as the kind of people who wage war on their enemies by destroying heritage sites and significant cultural artifacts.

“The reality is we’re unlikely to do this, but the fact he is saying that we will do this, that is a black eye for the United States. That reducing us to the level of the Taliban. Those are the kind of people who blow up cultural sites. That is not something the United States does. Remember the movie The Monuments Men? Our army was out there saving cultural sites from the barbarians out there. So Donald Trump is losing the battle for public opinion around the world. This does not help us anywhere. It certainly does not help us in places like Iran and Iraq where a lot of people hate the Iranian regime and now he is solidifying their support for that regime by threatening to commit crimes against the Iranian people.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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