MSNBC Foreign Correspondent Seen on Camera Using Spit to Style His Hair

Before bringing an important update on the crumbling ISIS caliphate in Syria, MSNBC foreign correspondent Matt Bradley was caught on camera before he was fully ready for the shot.

“This just in, three U.S. military officials are in direct contradiction that the Islamic state territory in Syria has been 100% eliminated. They say the fighting is still going. Matt Bradley is in eastern Syria where the last remnants where the so called caliphate were, what’s the situation for you,” MSNBC’s Ali Velshi said, and Bradley was seen using spit to style his hair.

Velshi then cut away to give Bradley more time to prepare and/or spit.

It is understandable that hair care products could be in short supply when you’re on the front lines reporting on the destruction of the infamous terrorist group. Bradley certainly lived out a Marine Corps motto: improvise, adapt and overcome. Good on him. If needed, we’d be happy to send him a care package.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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