SNL’s Chinese iPhone Factory Workers Really Couldn’t Care Less What You Think Of iPhone 5

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live took a stab at all the tech geeks who have spent the last several weeks complaining about all the ways Apple failed them with the new iPhone 5’s shortcomings.

During a tech-based talk show with stereotypically awkward tech experts from Wired and C-Net, the host — played by tonight’s actual host Christina Applegate — “trapped” the nerds by bringing in three “Chinese iPhone factory workers” to hear out the geeks’ complaints.

Their reaction? They really couldn’t care less.

While the nerds moan and groan about having to wait hours in line for the new gadget, the Chinese workers had to wait hours in line for formula milk to feed their babies. Same thing, right? Maybe you Americans should go complain about it in your Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks or something.

But hey, said the Chinese workers, at least while Americans alternately celebrate and whine about the great Chinese manufacture of iPhones, they can celebrate our manufacture of… diabetes. “That’s a product, right?” asked the factory workers ringleader.

Watch below, via NBC:

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