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Jeanine Pirro Draws Twitter Speculation After “Technical Difficulties” on Show

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro drew a lot of attention from media observers who thought there was something off about her when she hosted her show on Saturday night.

The former judge first raised eyebrows among Fox viewers when she was 15 minutes late for her show, which was chalked up to “technical problems.”

When Pirro showed up, her appearance was slightly unkempt while hosting the rest of her program.

It isn’t clear what (if anything) was going on with Pirro that night, but as clips of her show made the rounds on Twitter, there were a lot of people who became convinced that she was intoxicated.

(UPDATE — 11:25 am ET: A Fox News spokesperson provided Mediaite with the following statement: “Jeanine Pirro was broadcasting from her home for the first time when she encountered several technical difficulties which impacted the quality of her show, including the loss of a teleprompter. As we have previously said, we are operating with a reduced staff working remotely to ensure the health and safety of our employees in these unprecedented times.”)

As of this writing, Pirro’s name is a trending topic, along with the hashtag “DrunkJeanine.”

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