comScore ‘You Don’t Know Me’: CNN Panel on Trump, ‘Moral Relativism’ Goes Off the Rails

‘You Don’t Know Me’: CNN Panel on Trump, ‘Moral Relativism’ Goes Off the Rails

A CNN panel took a turn for the worse on Sunday when a discussion about President Trump‘s thoughts about Vladimir Putin suddenly dissolved into a shouting match.

Poppy Harlow was joined by Ryan Lizza and Penny Nance, and she noted how Trump’s remarks with Bill O’Reilly have drawn outrage from liberal and conservative corners. Lizza followed up on this by arguing that there is no equivalence between Russia and America’s political practices, and the question of moral relativism is a troubling development.

Lizza also noted that Vice President Mike Pence had a hard time defending Trump’s comments during a series of interviews today. When Harlow asked Nance for her take, she began by saying she was “deeply gratified to see liberals talking about moral relativism, that’s a new subject for them…”

Lizza interjected to tell Nance that “you don’t know me,” and he scolded her for making a personal attack on him. Nance responded by calling Lizza “disrespectful” for his interruption, while he argued that it was actually disrespectful to “come on air and accuse me of not caring about moral relativism.”

The two continued to fight it out as Harlow stood aside. When Nance asked Harlow to call out Lizza, Harlow noted that he was defending himself from her comment.”

“Whatever,” Nance said, dryly.

Watch above, via CNN.

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