Joe Scarborough Laughs at Trump Getting Owned by Pelosi and Schumer: Like ‘Taking Candy from a Baby’

Like nearly every American that has watched the video from Tuesday’s remarkable Oval Office spat between President Donald Trump and the Democratic leadership of US Congress Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck SchumerMorning Joe host Joe Scarborough seemed to really enjoy it.

The made-for-reality-tv moment appeared to backfire on the Commander in Chief, at least that appears to be the takeaway from Scarborough and the rest of the Morning Joe panel, though it must be noted that no one on this show has given Trump a win in some time.

Coming out of a clip of Trump’s owning of shutting down the government if he didn’t get funding for the border wall that was a campaign promise made (but not yet a promise kept!), Scarborough could not contain his laughter.

“The expression taking candy from a baby comes to mind,” Scarborough said, adding ” It was really — it was all too easy, wasn’t it?”

Scarborough noted that part of the reason this was such a compelling moment is that “this is the first time in Donald Trump’s life that he’s had people talking back to him that people had had political skills and knew how to trap him.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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