Guardian Takes Down Widely-Criticized Column ‘Shaming’ Cancer Tweeter

“Forget funeral selfies,” read the headline of Emma Keller’s Guardian column last Wednesday about Lisa Adams, who has meticulously detailed her treatment for stage 4 breast cancer in over 100,000 tweets. “What are the ethics of tweeting a terminal illness?”

As of early Monday afternoon, that’s all of Keller’s piece that you’re going to get. The Guardian has taken the article down, claiming it was “inconsistent with the Guardian editorial code”:

(NB: Here’s an archived version of the full piece.)

After Keller’s column gradually made its way about the interwebz last week, outrage over its “shaming” of Adams broke free this morning, with articles on Gawker, The Nation, Atlantic Wire, and more excoriating Keller (and then her husband, former New York Times editor Bill Keller, who weighed in on the matter this morning) for “concern-trolling” a dying woman.

The comments section of the piece is still up, and there Keller can be seen defending both the piece itself and her use of one of Adams’ direct messages:

As for Adams:

[Image via screengrab]

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