Atlanta Police Officer Devin Brosnan Turns Himself in for Role in Rayshard Brooks Incident


Atlanta police officer Devin Brosnan reportedly turned himself in Thursday for his role in the death of Rayshard Brooks.

Brosnan has been charged with aggravated assault and two violations of oath of office. Video footage showed him standing on Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot where he was killed over the weekend.

Brosnan’s attorney, Don Samuel, said in a Wednesday CNN interview that Brosnan suffered a concussion during officers’ altercation with Brooks. “Devin ends up taking out his Taser and yelling at him to ‘stop fighting, stop fighting,'” Samuel said. ‘Brooks grabbed the Taser from him and shoots … Devin gets shot with the Taser. He then falls over and lands on his head on the pavement and gets a concussion.”

Another officer, Garrett Rolfe, has been charged with felony murder for fatally shooting Brooks. He has until Thursday evening to turn himself in.

Watch above via CNN.

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