Marjorie Taylor Greene Lashes Out After Report Unearthing Her Comments That Parkland, Sandy Hook and 9/11 Were Staged

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Newly-minted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a believer of the QAnon conspiracy theory, is lashing out following reporting on her past comments in which she expressed her belief that the Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings were staged — as was 9/11.

Eric Hananoki, of the progressive watchdog site Media Matters for America, uncovered old Facebook posts from Greene touting her belief that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the Sandy Hook and Parkland shootings were false flags.

In a Thursday tweet, the Georgia representative lashed out at Media Matters.

“Communists bloggers like @mmfa run the same playbook of lies and smears on people they feel threatened by,” Greene wrote. “Produce fake news, spread it all around, then tag all fake news stories about their victim in all future stories. Guess what? Nobody cares about your BS.”

Apart from the blanket claim of fake news, Greene did not issue a specific rebuttal to Media Matters’ reporting. The progressive site found a 2018 post in which Greene expressed agreement with someone who said 9/11 “was done by our own gov[ernment]” and “none of the school shootings were real or done by the ones who were supposedly arrested for them.”

“That is all true,” Greene wrote, in a now-deleted post.

Greene also drew ridicule on Thursday for introducing articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden approximately 24 hours into his term.

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