sandy hook

Sandy Hook Families Accuse Alex Jones of Destroying Evidence in Defamation Case

Alex Jones Wants $100,000 From Sandy Hook Families Suing Him for Defamation

Sandy Hook Family Releases Powerful Letter Blasting Mark Zuckerberg for Inaction Against Truthers

Six Sandy Hook Families, FBI Agent File Defamation Lawsuit Against Alex Jones

Alex Jones is Being Sued For Defamation By Sandy Hook Parents, Could Pay Over $1M In Damages

Scott Baio’s Wife to Sandy Hook Mother: ‘Maybe Your Children Are in a Better Place’

Sister of Sandy Hook Victim Slams Scott Baio for Conspiracy Tweet: He ‘Spews Hate’

RNC Speaker Scott Baio Suggests Sandy Hook and Charlottesville Were False Flags

Megyn Kelly Drills Alex Jones Over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories: ‘What Happened to The Children?’

Alex Jones Offers Father’s Day Condolences to Newtown Families, Preempting Megyn Kelly Interview

Connecticut NBC Station Won’t Air Megyn Kelly’s Interview With Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly Defends Alex Jones Interview as Sandy Hook Group Drops Her From Event

Megyn Kelly Grills Alex Jones for Pushing Sandy Hook Truther Conspiracy: ‘That’s a Dodge’

Newtown Board of Education Trying to Get Trump to Denounce Sandy Hook Truthers

New Sandy Hook Elementary School Set to Finally Open Next Month

14 Hours, 50 Minutes: Chris Murphy Scores Ninth Longest Filibuster in History For Gun Control

Bernie Sanders Clarifies: Newtown Families Can Sue But They Should Lose

University Moves to Fire Truther Professor Who Allegedly Harrassed Sandy Hook Parents

Obama Marks Sandy Hook Anniversary with Message Ripping Congress’ Inaction on Guns

Gabby Giffords Slams Congress for Embracing ‘Shameful Status Quo’ on Guns

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