Watch a GOP Rep Ramble Through His Entire Life Story, Admit Voting for Jimmy Carter, at Mueller Report Hearing


Ohio Republican Congressman Steve Chabot went on a meandering trip down memory lane as he prepared to ask a question of former Nixon White House counsel John Dean, along the way admitting that he helped vote Jimmy Carter into the White House in 1976.

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing entitled “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes” Monday, Chabot (pronounced Shab-bit) went through nearly fifty years of his own personal history while winding up to a question for Dean.

Over the course of about three minutes, Dean and the committee learned that Chabot was a freshman in college in 1972, that he voted for Richard Nixon for president because of Nixon’s diplomacy with Russia and China, that this was his first vote for president, that Chabot married his high school sweetheart on June 22, 1973, that they honeymooned in Gatlinburg, TN AND Mammoth Cave, KY, that after Nixon resigned, people Chabot’s age at the time were really turned off from politics, but it had just the opposite effect on Chabot, and that in 1976, Chabot voted for Jimmy Carter.

“So anyway, a couple years later I did get involved in politics, I ran as an independent for Cincinnati city council,” Chabot continued to continue. “I lost. And 2 years later I ran as a Republican, and this time I lost again. So finally I did get elected to the council the next time, served for 5 years there, served for 5 years as a county commissioner, and then lo and behold back in 1994, in the Republican revolution, I got elected to Congress and got appointed to this committee.”

“So 25 years after watching you on television, relative to Nixon and Watergate, I was a member of the Judicial Committee impeaching another president, this time William Jefferson Clinton,” Chabot continued, as his fellow committee members wrote sorrowful letters to their spouses complaining of the low morale during the long and bitter siege of their committee room, probably.

Eventually, Chabot got around to 2019, and his question. “So Mr. Dean, my question to you is, rather than reserve your judgement, until the Mueller report came out like I did, you were an outspoken critic of President Trump, and you alleged probably on more than one occasion even before the Mueller report came out that you believed President Trump had colluded with the Russians. Isn’t that true?”

“I don’t think I quite said collusion,” Dean replied, but said he did think that “there is evidence… in the report of collusion. There have been a number of well done articles that draw on the different contacts between the Trump people and the Russians, and make a fairly strong case for collusion.”

“I’d just like to correct you on one fact,” Dean added, “that you couldn’t have, in 1971, have been attracted to Nixon because of China because he hadn’t gone to China yet.”

“I voted in ’72,” Chabot said.

“Right, by ’72, it was in the ’72, during the ’72 campaign,” Dean said.

“Right that’s what I mean, yes,” Chabot said.

Watch the clip above, via C-Span.

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