Richard Nixon

Fmr Watergate Prosecutor Compares Trump’s ‘All Alone’ Tweet to Nixon’s Last Days in Office

John Dean: Multiple Trump Investigations ‘Far Broader Than Anything That Happened During Watergate’

Bob Woodward: ‘The Investigative Walls Are Closing In on Trump’

Carl Bernstein Compares NYT Bombshell on Trump to Richard Nixon’s ‘Articles of Impeachment’

John Dean: Even Nixon Would Tell Trump ‘He’s Going Too Far’

Chris Matthews Rips Trump Over Whitaker: At Least ‘Nixon Had Some Shame’

Nixon White House Counsel John Dean: ‘Evil’ Trump Makes Watergate ‘Seem Like a Brief Idyllic Daydream’

Carl Bernstein Calls Op-Ed Author ‘Craven’ But NYT ‘Absolutely Right’ to Publish It: This Is ‘A National Emergency’

Former Nixon Lawyer John Dean on Trump’s Demand NY Times Turn Over Op-Ed Writer: ‘Frighteningly Dictatorial’

Carl Bernstein: ‘What We Are Watching in the Trump Presidency Is Worse Than Watergate’

Key Watergate Figure John Dean: ‘Nixon Might Have Survived if He Had Fox News’

Colbert Doesn’t Support Impeaching Trump: Don’t Think It’s ‘That Great of an Idea’

Morning Joe Airs Montage of Trump’s Cohen Raid Rant Alongside Nixon’s on Watergate

Worse than Watergate: John Dean Claims ‘Trump is Nixon on Steroids and Stilts’

Bob Woodward: Some Reporters Have ‘Become Emotionally Unhinged’ Covering Trump

Woodward & Bernstein: Trump’s Actions ‘Eerily Similar’ to Nixon’s Before Saturday Night Massacre

Geraldo is Actually Not Far Off When He Says Nixon Would Have Survived With Hannity Around

Geraldo to Hannity: Nixon Wouldn’t ‘Have Been Forced to Resign’ If You Were In Media Then

Ben Stein: ‘Trump Is Probably the Least Intellectual President We’ve Had In a Very Long Time’

CNN’s Toobin: Trump Keeps Digging a Deeper Hole ‘With the Assistance of His Lawyers’

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